3 Reasons Active Swimmers Should Choose A Geometric Pool Design

Posted on: 28 June 2023

The installation of a new in-ground pool comes with many design options. As you work with swimming pool contractors to plan your design, you will have to select the shape of your pool. Two of the most basic design categories include a free-form pool and a geometric pool design. A geometric pool design will typically include a traditional rectangular shape.

If you are an active swimmer who enjoys fast swims and exercise, then consider the installation of a geometric pool design. The pool shape comes with many advantages catered toward active swimmers.

1. Laps & Swim Measurements

If you enjoy swimming laps, then a rectangular pool shape will make it easy to track your laps. Each lap will measure the same distance and provide you with clear tracking of your swimming. Once you know the length of the pool installation, you will know how many laps you need to do to complete your goals.

With a geometric pool, you can opt for longer sides so the length of the pool is longer and you can do longer laps without the need to constantly turn around or slow down your pace.

2. Diving Board Installation

The shape of a geometric pool will give you more room to install a diving board. A diving board installation allows you to start your laps with a leap off the diving board and across the pool waters. You could also use a diving board to perform a variety of pool jumps that test your strength, speed, and agility.

For example, you could try to run and jump into the deep end as far as you can go. A free-form pool may not have enough space to properly fit a diving board or give you enough room to do the jumps and exercises that you seek.

3. Pool Sports

A geometric pool design offers an ideal way to play pool sports. With even lengths on both sides, you could install a net ideal for water-based volleyball. You could also install basketball hoops on opposite sides of the pool. The shape design can turn the pool into a liquid court for all kinds of games and activities.

As you discover new water sports, you will find a variety of options available with a rectangular pool. Swimming pool contractors can provide you with various blueprint options ideal for different geometric pool installations that can fit in your backyard. Choose a design that gives you plenty of space to swim and enjoy a lot of active time in the water.