4 Circumstances When You Should Schedule Pool Cleaning Services

Posted on: 21 March 2023

Maintaining a clear, sparkling pool is the dream of any homeowner. It's not just a matter of pride and boosting curb appeal – a properly maintained pool is important for health and safety reasons. With the right pool cleaning service, you can ensure your pool stays clean and safe for all to enjoy. A professional contractor can assess the pool and determine when regular maintenance is necessary. Here are four key circumstances when every homeowner should look into professional pool cleaning services:

After Major Renovations

Renovations to or around your pool can kick up much dirt and debris. When your pool has gone through major renovations, it's time for the professionals to come in and clean it up. Pool contractors will assess the condition of your pool, remove any dirt or debris floating around it, and restore the pool to its previous condition. The professionals can also provide helpful advice on how to keep your pool looking its best.

Heavy Rainfall

Heavy storms and rainfall can cause the water in your pool to become murky or cloudy. When this happens, it's essential to have the water checked and inspected by a professional. Pool contractors can determine the water's pH balance and ensure it's safe for swimming. They'll also clean out any dirt, debris, or leaves accumulated in the pool. Using special tools like vacuums and filters, they'll ensure the pool is clean and ready for use.

Regular Maintenance

Pool cleaning professionals recommend scheduling regular pool maintenance to keep your pool in good condition. Depending on your pool type, a contractor may suggest weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maintenance. They can help balance chemicals in the pool, clean and vacuum floors and walls, brush down the tiles, and inspect pumps. If you want to avoid costly repairs, regular pool maintenance is key.

Algae Infestation

Algae is a common pool problem that can be unsightly and unhealthy. The proliferation of algae in your pool can be caused by improper maintenance, bad weather conditions, or too many contaminants. The best way to deal with algae is to schedule a professional pool cleaning service. The professionals will use specialized tools to remove the algae and ensure your pool is safe for swimming.

No matter your pool's condition, a good pool cleaning service can help ensure it's clean and safe for use. Whether you need to inspect the pool after major renovations or want to tackle an algae infestation, a professional can help. With their expertise and the right tools, they'll have your pool looking its best in no time. Contact a pool cleaning service today to begin restoring your swimming pool.