Planning A Sunroom Addition? Consider A Plunge Pool

Posted on: 7 February 2023

A lot of homeowners hire contractors to turn large patio spaces into sunrooms. Enclosing this area adds square footage to your home and offers a stylish new spot for your family and guests to hang out. If you're in the early stages of planning a sunroom addition, one idea to consider is adding a plunge pool to it. This type of in-ground pool, which is known for having its smaller size, can work well in a sunroom. Contact a pool construction company that has experience with plunge pools to begin discussing your plan. The company can build the pool, and then you can proceed with having a contractor build a sunroom around it. Here are some reasons to have a plunge pool in your sunroom. 

Climate-Controlled Environment

Most people put their plunge pools outdoors, and this idea can work well for several reasons. There are, however, some drawbacks to an outdoor plunge pool that you should know. You'd be unlikely to use the pool during inclement weather, but this won't be an issue if you have your pool in your new sunroom. Whether it's rainy, windy, or excessively hot outdoors, your sunroom will offer a climate-controlled environment that gives you the ability to enjoy using your plunge pool whenever you wish.


Some yards don't offer much in the way of privacy, and while it's possible to build a tall fence around your property, you might see some drawbacks to this idea. If you're reluctant to have an outdoor pool because of privacy concerns, having a plunge pool in your new sunroom addition can be a good idea to pursue. In this environment, you shouldn't have to worry about anyone seeing you while you swim. Even in the event that a neighbor is able to see the sunroom, you can simply lower the drapes to give this part of your home and your plunge pool the private feel you want.


Having a plunge pool in your sunroom space will make swimming very convenient. People don't always feel a sense of convenience when they wish to swim in an outdoor pool. For example, you might not always like the hassle of exiting your home and walking across the yard to the pool. When the plunge pool is inside your sunroom, it will be a lot more convenient to use. For example, if you have a home gym in an adjacent room, you'll love the convenience of having a workout and then taking a few steps to get into your plunge pool to cool down.

Contact a local inground pool company to discuss this idea.