Factors That Influence How Often You Need Your Pool Vacuumed

Posted on: 22 February 2022

Vacuuming the floor of your in-ground swimming pool will help to keep it free from debris. While this is a job that you could attempt yourself, it's easier to enlist the help of a local pool service. When you talk to a pool service about performing this work, one of the things that you'll need to discuss is how often you want the pool vacuumed. Your pool service can give you some suggestions on what frequency is customary, but there are a number of factors that can influence the right frequency for you. Here are three factors that will play a role.


The amount of vegetation that you have in close proximity to the pool will impact how much debris enters the water — and thus how often you'll want to get it vacuumed. For example, if you have several tall trees in your yard and a privacy hedge close to one side of the pool, you can expect that leaves, twigs, and other plant matter will blow into the pool when it's breezy. Even if you have minimal vegetation of this type, consider your neighbors' yards. A tall tree just over your fence will often shed leaves into your pool. If lots of vegetation is present, frequent vacuuming visits will keep the pool as clean as possible.

Pool Deck

The type of pool deck that you have can also play a role in how often you'll want a pool service to vacuum your pool. If you have paver stones around the deck, they likely have sand between them. When people walk around the deck, their feet will pick up sand. Each time they enter the water, they'll take small particles of sand with them — resulting in a significant amount of sand at the bottom of the pool over time. Conversely, a rubber pool deck won't result in the same sand issue. Talk to your pool service about what type of pool deck you have to get its recommendation about how often it should visit to vacuum the pool.

Pool Usage

You'll also want to consider how often you use your pool and who uses it. If you're the type of person who hosts a pool party virtually every weekend, you'll likely want your pool vacuumed before each of these gatherings. This will ensure that your pool looks clean and feels welcoming for your guests. Conversely, if you seldom have pool parties and typically use your pool for solo lap swimming, you might not mind a small or moderate amount of debris on the bottom. In this case, less-frequent vacuuming appointments may be sufficient.

Once you have determined how frequently you want your pool vacuumed, contact a local pool service to set up an appointment.