Potential Sources Of Leaks For Your Swimming Pool

Posted on: 13 December 2021

For homeowners that are fortunate enough to own a swimming pool, any leaks in the system can be a significant issue. In addition to wasting an expensive amount of water, these leaks can also contribute to significant erosion and water damage. While a swimming pool may normally be extremely durable, there are some common sources of leaks that can potentially arise.

Structural Damage To The Pool Itself

Structural damage to the pool itself is a common source of leaks. Unfortunately, individuals sometimes assume that this will not be an issue with concrete swimming pools. However, there are many ways that a pool can suffer damage. For example, the pool may settle in the ground in an uneven way, and this could lead to the pool cracking. If you suspect that a pool has a leak due to structural damage, repairs should be scheduled immediately. Otherwise, the immense weight and force of the water may actually be able to cause the weakened section of the pool to rapidly worsen.

Malfunctioning Pump

A pump that is strong enough to circulate all of the water in the pool is an essential component. Unfortunately, faulty seals or other damage to the pump could allow large amounts of water to leak out. Depending on the damage to the pump, replacing it may not be necessary. Faulty seals are a common source of leaks, but these repairs are fairly affordable, as your pump was designed so that the seals can be replaced fairly easily.

Damaged Pipes

Swimming pools often utilize a number of pipes or hoses in their design. The pipes and hoses are often needed to transport water from the pool to the filter and pump. The amount of water that flows through these pipes can mean that a leak developing is a very big problem, since large amounts of water can seep out of a damaged pipe. Many pools have these pipes buried to keep them safe and to make them more discreet. This can make it much harder for leaks to be found and repaired quickly. Fortunately, a leak detection service will have moisture sensors that help them to isolate the area where the leak is occurring. Once this area has been found, the damaged pipes can be excavated and repaired or replaced. Failing to repair these damaged pipes can allow erosion to occur, which may lead to other structural issues for the pool.

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