Things to Discuss With Your Fiberglass Pool Builder Before You Get Your New Pool

Posted on: 15 July 2021

A fiberglass pool is a good choice for family backyard fun. Fiberglass is an easy surface to keep clean, so you won't have to spend a whole lot of time on pool maintenance. However, you want to keep the water sparkling clear and the pool free from algae.

A fiberglass pool also goes in pretty fast, so you can swim before the season is over even when you get a late start on the pool installation. Here are some things to discuss with a fiberglass pool builder before you have a new pool installed.

The Preparation Steps

Installing a fiberglass pool involves heavy machinery. The pool builder may need to take down part of your fence so the equipment can get to your backyard to excavate the hole and lower the fiberglass shell into the ground. You or the builder will probably need to obtain a permit before your pool is installed, and you'll need to have utility lines marked before digging begins.

The Expected Timeline

Weather can always derail plans, but it could be possible to have a fiberglass pool installed in just a couple of weeks while it usually takes at least a couple of months to have a concrete pool put in. Several factors affect how long it takes. For instance, the permit process might hold things up.

Plus, if the fiberglass pool builder is busy, you might have to wait until they have an opening. If you want a pool as soon as possible, start the process right away to allow time to get the preliminaries such as getting the permit, scheduling use of the heavy equipment, and having supplies delivered taken care of.

The Installation Steps

The pool builder will explain everything that will happen so you are prepared. The first step is to dig the hole and after that, the floor of the hole is prepared for the pool by adding gravel to stabilize the soil. Then the pool shell is lowered into the ground. After that, the pool is filled with water as the shell is backfilled. Next, the plumber and electrician finish their work and the pool deck is put down.

The Procedure for Rain Delays

Your fiberglass pool builder probably won't work in the rain, but it could depend on what stage your pool is at when it rains. Heavy equipment could tear up your yard when the soil is wet, so rain could cause a longer delay when work is first beginning than it might later on. If your pool will be installed in the spring or summer when rain is common, expect rain delays to happen so you won't be disappointed if rain slows down the completion of your project.