Spa Services To Keep Your Hot Tub Working Through The Summer Months

Posted on: 12 May 2021

The summer months may be a time when you start using your hot tub. Thus, there is maintenance that needs to be done to ensure it is working properly. This work needs to start with inspecting the equipment and repairing any issues before filling the spa. The following spa services are going to ensure you get to enjoy your hot tub all summer:

Inspecting Equipment

The equipment of your hot tub needs to be inspected before you start using it. After it has been sitting during the winter months, issues with frozen motors, bad heater elements, and damaged plumbing may need to be repaired. A spa service can inspect all the equipment and repair any minor problems. This should be done before changing the water or filling your spa to start using it.

Repairing Leaks and Fittings

Some of the problems that affect spas after winter weather are leaks and damaged fittings. The leaks can happen in several areas, such as at fitting connections or equipment. There may also be issues with a cracked shell or other damage that needs to be repaired. You can talk to a spa service about options to repair the cracks in your spa before the damage gets worse. The cracks can often be repaired before the damage gets too bad. If you have severe cracks that can't be repaired, you may want to ask about options to replace your spa.

Replacing Damaged Spa Insulation

Another problem that may need to be fixed is damaged insulation. This happens over time as moisture is trapped inside the shell of your hot tub. Eventually, the damaged insulation can cause heat loss and reduce the efficiency of your spa. This can cause your summer energy bills to be higher when you use the hot tub. The spa service can also install a new insulated top to improve your spa and reduce energy loss.

Refilling and Cleaning Spa Equipment

Your hot tub needs to be filled with fresh, clean water before you start using it. A spa service can help with filling it. They can do more than just fill the spa with clean water. They will completely drain the hot tub and clean the equipment. After the equipment has been cleaned, the spa service can start with the initial treatments to keep the water clean.

Getting started with your hot tub maintenance sooner will ensure you don't have problems this summer. Contact spa services for help with the maintenance and repairs that you need for your hot tub this summer.