Pool Remodeling Projects To Consider For Summer

Posted on: 26 February 2021

If you want to redesign your pool, it may be time to start planning your project. Getting an early start will ensure the work gets done by summer. The remodeling can include complete renovations to your pool, or you may want to choose to change the design. The following pool remodeling projects can be started now to finish them in time for summer:

Resurfacing the Pool

The first option to consider for your pool is resurfacing. Today, there are a lot of options to consider for pool resurfacing, including:

  • Custom polished stone surfaces
  • Tile with artistic mosaics
  • Plaster surfacing with custom designs

The resurfacing of your pool can do a lot to change its appearance with a new custom finish. If you want more customized features, tile mosaics look great when resurfacing your pool.

Updating the Pool Deck Area

The pool deck area can also be updated with a new design. There are options for custom features that can be added to the pool deck area. Options to consider when remodeling the pool deck area include:

  • Custom porous pavements
  • Natural stone pool deck design
  • Stamped concrete with custom seal coating

The improvements to the pool deck area can enhance the design of your pool, as well as outdoor living space. There are also options for adding landscaping structures, seating, and other features to enjoy your pool and outdoor spaces.

Adding Extras and Water Features

The pool remodeling project can also include other extras and water features. The extra features can include installing fiberglass stair units or adding a custom spa to the pool design. You may also want to consider elements like waterfalls and decorative water features for your pool. You may even want to add a grotto for features like a hot tub, which can be hidden with a waterfall feature.

Upgrading Pool Equipment and Filtration

Other changes that you may be considering for your pool remodeling project include upgrades to pool equipment. There are a lot of options for updating pool equipment, including:

  • Natural filtration systems with attractive water features
  • Saltwater filtration conversions
  • Sand and DE filtration systems
  • Variable speed pool pumps
  • Solar water heaters

These are some of the various options to consider for updating pool equipment. These pool equipment upgrades can improve the water quality and efficiency of the new design.

If you are ready to make your changes to your pool, contact a pool remodeling service to start planning before summer. They can get the work done for you so you can enjoy a new pool design when the weather gets warmer.