Problems That Can Develop With Your Pool Skimmer And Repairs It May Need

Posted on: 18 June 2020

The skimmer in your pool has the important job of clearing debris out of your pool so the water stays sparkling clear and so you don't have to work as hard to keep the pool clean. When the skimmer cracks, clogs, or has some other problem, you'll need to have repairs done right away. Here's a look at some common skimmer problems and how they're repaired.

Clogs In The Skimmer Drain

If leaves or other debris get past the basket, they can cause a clog in the skimmer line. The clog might clear itself, but even if it does, an air pocket is often left behind that keeps your skimmer from working. One solution for this is to adjust the valve on the line to release air so the line fills back up with water. Another option is to force the clog through with a hose.

In order to do this, you'll need a drain bladder. This is a small inflatable bladder you attach to the end of a garden hose. The water fills the bladder so it forms a seal in the pipe. Then the water from the hose can force the clog on through. If you don't have a drain bladder or if the drain bladder doesn't clear the clog, then call a swimming pool repair service to clean the line and get the skimmer functional again.

Cracks In The Skimmer

Leaks are common around the skimmer, but you don't want to let them go unfixed. Even a leak through loose screws could cause damage to the swimming pool. When the skimmer is leaking, the problem could be cracked or shattered plastic.

Parts like the lid, gate, and basket can be easily replaced when they're damaged, but a cracked skimmer is more serious because it is more difficult to replace. The skimmer is embedded in the concrete wall of the pool, so the pool repair service may need to cut out the skimmer to put in a new one.

To avoid this, the repair company might try to plug the crack with epoxy. This might be a solution for a temporary repair that allows you to save money for a skimmer replacement. Epoxy does an excellent job of sealing cracks, but it isn't able to expand and contract, so it may eventually fail if your pool is subject to temperature extremes.

Skimmers usually last a long time, so leaks are often caused by things like worn-out gaskets or loose screws. You may not need to replace your skimmer until you refurbish your pool or put in a new vinyl liner. However, when the skimmer malfunctions or leaks, repairs should be made as soon as possible to maintain the cleanliness of your water and to avoid causing damage to your pool.