Turn Your Bland Inground Pool Into A Romantic Escape

Posted on: 24 August 2016

If you have a backyard inground pool, but find it a bit boring, and would like to make it a more romantic spot, then you have lots of options. A pool can be lots of fun during the day, but it can also be a sexy and romantic spot for your and your partner to enjoy at night. Below you will find three suggestions on how to create this atmosphere. The first one has to do with lighting because lighting is a great way to set the mood. The second one has to do with handling your glass of wine or champagne. Finally, there is a major addition if you're looking to really turn the area into a romantic get away in your own backyard.

Floating Lights

These lights are placed in transparent devices and float on the surface of the pool. They can look like large balloons, Chinese lanterns, or other geometric devices. They will throw off a soft light. You can use red, purple, soft white, or any other color. They are great for when you're outside and dining next to the pool. They are a much more romantic way of lighting the area then your backyard house lights which will be brighter and harsher.

An Anchored Bar And Seats For

You can leave your drinks on the edge of the pool, but a better solution is to get an anchored pool table and seats. These can be placed directly in the pool without drilling into the foundation. The seats and table will all have a heavy ballast base that secures them from floating around or tipping. You can even get one with an umbrella so that it provides shade during really sunny days; it's something that will improve the pool both day and night!

Its much more romantic than those floating pool tables that are more designed for beer and soda. A glass of chardonnay would tip over on those flimsy things, so look into a more stable anchored table.

Add A Spill-Over-Style Hot Tub Next To The Pool

If you want the ultimate in romance, add a spill-over-style hot tub next to the pool. These are built so that the water cascades over the side and down into your pool. It creates a beautiful, pleasant waterfall effect. It's also a great, smaller intimate space that is a fun alternative to the large pool. Make sure to have ample water jets installed, and led light fixtures so that you can add color to the water. You can have the hot tub turn deep purple, soft pink, red, blue or light it with soft white light.

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