4 Common Pool Repair Needs That Are Discovered When Opening Time Comes

Posted on: 16 May 2016

When it is time to open your pool, you may be expecting to only have to do a minimal amount of work to get your pool together for a summer full of swimming. Often, pool owners are surprised with repairs that are needed before any swimming can be done. Many of these problems are due to improper winterization and damaged equipment. Here are some of the common problems that you may be facing when it comes time to open your pool:

1. Water Not Removed From Lines And Freezing Lines

The water not being removed from pool equipment can contribute to major pool problems. It can lead to the lines freezing and equipment failure. Depending on where the problem is located, it can also be a costly problem to fix. If you suspect there your pool has problems with lines that have winter damage, contact a pool contractor to repair the problem. Often, these problems can just be a line above the surface that needs to be replaced.

2. Damage To Pool Pump Equipment That Was Not Winterized

In addition to the plumbing of your pool, there is also equipment that can be damaged by improper winterization. This can be due to the water freezing and damaging a pump or filter canister or valves. These problems can be costly if an entire pump and filter system needs to be replaced. It may also be something that can easily be fixed, such as replacing a damaged valve.

3. Debris Causing Filters To Become Clogged And Problems With Equipment

During the winter months, a lot of debris can buildup in your pool; even if you have it covered. This can also get into the lines and equipment of your pool. To reduce this problem, it is a good idea to flush the lines and remove any large debris in the water. Do not run the pump without removing large debris, because this can cause clogs or reach equipment; causing damage.

4. Stains To Surfaces And Pool Liners That Are Unattractive From Winter Debris Buildup

Some of the problems you have when it comes time to open your pool may be more aesthetic. This can be due to the debris and algae causing stains on liners or pool surfaces. This can be fixed by a pool repair contractor by removing the stains and doing repairs to the liner of your pool. Mild staining may eventually wear off as you shock your pool and do chlorine treatments.

These are some of the common repairs that you may be facing when it comes time to open your pool. If you need help getting your pool ready for summer, contact a pool repair contractor (like All-American Pools) to have them repair your pool. You may also want to talk with them about winterizing your pool at the end of the season to prevent any future problems.