How To Smooth A Wrinkled In-Ground Pool Liner

Posted on: 10 May 2016

If you have a a pool liner in your residential in-ground pool, the tricky part is keeping it free of wrinkles, since it is usually made of vinyl. Wrinkles typically occur from chemical conditions, or from snow or rain. You don't have ot buy a new pool liner. Here are some tips to fix wrinkles in a pool liner in your in-ground pool.

Prepare to Work

For this project, you need:

  • pool brush
  • rag
  • duct tape
  • unused plunger
  • hose
  • soft sole shoes
  • pool heater
  • shop vac
  • sump pump. 

Work on a sunny day so the pool liner is more flexible, or heat the water with a pool heater. Walk around your pool in soft-sole shoes to get an idea of how many pool liner wrinkles exist. This will help push them to the sides, so the middle of the walls and pool floor picks up the slack.

Try a Plunger or Pool Brush

For small wrinkles, try removing them with a plunger. Set the plunger on the side of the wrinkles, and press down and lift to create a vacuum Repeat the procedure on the opposite side of the wrinkle.

Wrap a rag over the pool brush handle. Tighten the handle, and secure it with duct tape to help reduce friction between the liner wall and pool to prevent tears. Begin working out wrinkles from the center of the pool; moving wrinkles to the wall. Keep working until you can adjust the liner track back in place.

Fill the Pool

Sometimes, the pool just needs fresh water and higher water levels. Liners tend to relax when the water level drop below six inches over the floor, which makes them more prone to wrinkles. Connect a hose to the pool's water supply.

Starting in the center, place the hose in the pool so the water flows in the direction of the wrinkles. Watch as the water level rises to ensure the smaller wrinkles don't turn into larger ones. Use the pool brush, if necessary to help smooth wrinkles.

Drain the Water

You should only drain the pool as a last resort to remove wrinkles, since draining may cause structural damage. Check local codes before you drain water. Use a submersible sump pump to drain the water.

After you drain the pool, run a shop vac between the frame and the liner to remove wrinkles. Don't set the vacuum directly on the liner to avoid tearing. Keep the liner wet to prevent shrinkage.

Check the landscape to ensure trees or shrubs aren't directing the water where it shouldn't go. If there are a number of large wrinkles, or you don't trust your skill, contact a pool contractor, like those at Pettis Pools & Patio or a similar location, to install a new liner.