2 Tips To Prevent Your Portable Hot Tub's Spa Shell From Cracking

Posted on: 10 May 2016

Installing a portable spa tub in your backyard can be a good way to add something new to your home. A spa tub that is well maintained can often last years without any issues. While portable spa tubs are often durable, they are not immune from shell cracks. Shell cracks are small cracks that occur in the shell of the tub. While the cracks may initially appear small, they can grow larger and may eventually cause the tub to leak. Therefore, it is important to fix the shell cracks as soon as possible. While fixing the cracks will help in the short term, it is more beneficial to prevent the issue from occurring. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to prevent your tub from cracking.

Avoid Applying Excessive Pressure to Your Tub

While a portable spa tub is a great place to socialize with friends and family, the tub has its limits. Each tub is constructed to handle a certain amount of weight. The weight is determined based on how much water the tub can hold and the maximum number of occupants that are recommended at one time. Going over the maximum occupancy that is listed will exert excessive pressure on the tub. Since the tub cannot handle the excessive pressure, this will cause it to weaken until it eventually cracks. While adding an extra person to your spa tub may not sound like a big deal, it is actually stressing the foundation of the tub. In order to avoid this, stay under the recommended weight.

Check to See Whether the Support Beams Are Stressed

A spa tub manufacturer places a number of beams around the spa in order to offer additional support. Support beams evenly distribute the force throughout the spa tub. If there are not enough beams or the beams are weak, then this will cause the beams to begin to buckle under the slightest amount of pressure. Since the beams are unable to handle extra stress, this will cause the tub to crack. Take a look behind the skirt of your portable tub and see whether or not the beams appear straight or buckled. If you notice any issues with your support beams, then the spa will need to be sent back to the manufacturer in order for additional beams to be added.

It can be difficult to enjoy having a spa tub in your backyard if you always have to deal with fixing cracks. Therefore, use these tips to help prevent your portable spa tub from cracking. For more information, contact a spa service like Anchor Pools & Spas