Hot Tubs 101: 5 Telltale Signs Your Spa Needs Repair

Posted on: 30 April 2016

A hot tub is a huge investment for your home. Just like anything else in your home, your hut tub may fail due to neglect or faulty parts. Knowing when your hot tub needs repair is important, as quick repairs can prevent the need for replacement.

So how do you know when your hot tub is suffering and needs hot tub repair? Here are five telltale signs:  

1. Leaks

A leak is a huge indicator that there is an issue with your hot tub. If you have a leak, you will certainly notice pooling water near the hot tub. Another sign that you have a leak is water levels that mysteriously go down. Although leaks are most commonly caused by cracks or holes within the casing, it may also be caused by a punctured pipe. In any case, it is important you get this addressed immediately so that it doesn't become a larger issue.

2. Cloudy Water

Another sign that your hot tub is having issues is discolored water. A healthy hot tub will have hot water that is clear. If the water becomes cloudy or discolored, it is likely that your hot tub is suffering from bacteria. If you notice skin irritation after sitting in the tub, drain it and call a professional. You might to balance the water, change the filter, or fix another underlying issue.

3. Unusual Odors

While a hot tub might smell a bit like chemicals, it shouldn't be overwhelmingly strong or offensive. If you notice that your spa is suddenly putting out offensive odors, you likely have a problem on your hands. Foul-smelling hot tubs may indicate a variety of problems, including water contaminants. Other issues that your hot tub might be facing include mold and dirty water filters. Regardless, a professional should be called to ensure that the hot tub is safe for use.

4. Algae Growth

Another common sign of hot tub issues include algae growth. Although this is occurs most frequently in tubs that do not have covers, it can occur at any time. If your hot tub is covered and is still growing algae, there might be a problem with your filters. There also might be issues with your chemicals.

5. Warm or Cold Water

Finally, a hot tub should always have hot water when it is turned on. If the hot tub is on and the water is warm or cold, you probably have a huge problem on your hands. Although this is most commonly caused by a damaged or worn-out thermostat, it can also be caused by pressure problems. Either way, this type of problem requires the help of a professional.

As you can see, there are many signs that your hot tub needs repair. So if you have noticed any of these issues, contact a professional immediately. These professionals can help by providing quick repairs, which will hopefully curb the need for purchasing an entirely new hot tub.