True Blue: Renovations To Keep Your Pool Clear And Blue

Posted on: 26 April 2016

If you purchase a home with a pool or if you have an older pool, you may notice that the water is not as clear and blue as you would like. Having clear water is both pleasing on the eyes and healthier for the pool. Pool water going green is a sign that there are things that are wrong with the pool surface, including algae growth. It also means that the filters on your pool are not operating at optimal levels. Here are some renovations to perform on your pool to make sure that the water stays clear and looks great.

Drain and acid wash the pool

For older pools or pools that have not been cleaned in a while, draining the pool and performing a deep scrub will be necessary. First, you want to drain the water in its entirety. After this step, be sure to turn off any electricity that is running towards the pool at the breaker box. Next, clear out any debris from the pool. This may include leaves and other items that tend to naturally fall into the pool from overhead or from the landscape around the pool. After the pool is cleared out have a pool repair contractors come in and acid scrub the bottom. This will kill off any algae growth and keep it from returning. Since acid washing the pool is a serious job that requires protective clothing and the right products, it is best to get a pool cleaning from the professionals.

Replace the cartridge pool filter

Some pools will have sand filters or cartridge filters to help clear out the water. If you have a sand filter, it is best to change this out for a cartridge filter. Cartridge filters last for good and changing the filters is easy to do as a homeowner. Change out the cartridge filter for a brand new one and make sure that it is operating appropriately, prior to the painting of the pool. 

Paint your pool

Painting the bottom of your pool can help with the appearance of the pool and its water. The paint will determine the color that the pool water gives off when the pool is properly running clear. Most people paint their pools a light to a medium blue so that the water gives a blue appearance. You can also paint the in-ground pool a white shade if you want the water to appear even lighter. Ask pool repair professionals such as Above & Beyond Pool Service for an estimate on how long the painting will take, as some pools can take more than a week. You will need to know this before you attempt to refill the pool with water with clear water to enjoy.