Beautiful Ideas For Landscaping Your Pool

Posted on: 22 April 2016

When you've decided on a custom pool, you're probably not picturing a simple rectangle in the backyard. You may have decided on an infinity, oval or freeform pool. Even if you've opted for a rectangular pool, you've likely envisioned a full entertainment complex in your backyard. Create such a pool retreat with the beauty of your landscaping.

Tropical Garden

A popular theme for custom pools is a tropical retreat. Here's where landscaping can really further the ambience of your pool. As the Landscaping Network points out, plants near your pool should be lush and colorful but shouldn't drop leaves into the water. Examples of good pool plants include queen palm, bird of paradise, papyrus and hibiscus. When designing your pool, include specific areas for planting. Built-in beds can protrude into a freeform pool to create that naturalistic shape. It's even possible to have a raised bed built in the center of your pool to provide shade and extra beauty.

Garden Accents

With custom pool design, the landscaping doesn't consist of just the area around the pool. The goal is to transform your entire backyard into a cohesive design. So, whatever style of pool you've chosen, this theme should extend throughout your yard. For example, if your pool is classical with traditional decking, your garden should feature traditional elements as well. Utilize materials from around the pool in the rest of the landscaping, such as a stone bench that's the same as ones near the pool. Additionally, bring color from the garden right up to the decking. So if you have lavender in your garden, choose purple, pool-friendly flowers for around the water, such as fortnight lily or apaganthus.

Hardscaping with Rocks

Rocks can complement different pool styles. The most obvious example is if you've opted for a lagoon or other naturalistic theme – rock accents show that your pool is inspired by nature. However, if you have a modern style pool, consider accenting it with a rock garden. Fill a square or rectangle with gravel, and use an odd number of larger rocks to provide structure to your garden. Finish it with plants that offer geometric appeal, such as succulents, or textural interest, such as ornamental grasses.

Water Feature

Along those same lines, though a rocky waterfall is a beautiful addition to a tropical pool, a water feature also isn't just for the naturalistic pool. For example, a Mediterranean-inspired pool can be enhanced with a different style of water fall. Instead of a natural outcropping, have an urn or other pottery transformed into a fountain. Indeed, you could even install an Italian-style statue fountain creating water music into your pool.

Use landscaping features to create a beautiful and cohesive backyard retreat around your custom swimming pool.